Service Providers

Services Provider

Service Providers

The Lone Star Convention & Expo Center has a long-standing relationship with the following vendors. We recommend them for your function:

Technical Support

AVPRO (Audio Visual Professionals Group) Mike Rape or Sara Koch

Office: (866) 813-0161

Fax: (936) 273-8750

9016 Highway 242, Conroe, TX 77385 or

Food and Beverage

Rachel Boyes

Office: (936) 539-5250

Cell: (936) 230-1972

Lone Star Catering Services Package – 2017


Detective Keith Echols

Office: 936/672-2161, 936/827-5151

Furniture, Effect Lighting and Decor

Victoria Singer Salcedo Lounge 4 Events

Office: (832) 642-2857, (800) 277-6022


Montgomery County Hospital District Medical Standby Services for Events

Dedicated Ambulance Standby

Rate: $100/hour

Description: An MICU ambulance (Mobile Intensive Care Unit) staffed with 2 ALS providers dedicated to your event. This unit has the same care capabilities as a 911 ambulance.

Bike Team

Rate: $75/hour

Description: One bike team consists of 2 advanced care providers on bikes. A bike team can provide all immediate emergency interventions. Each bike team is equipped with an AED, BLS and ALS supplies.

Medic with a Bag

Rate: $50/hour

Description: A single advanced care provider will be stationed at your event with and AED, BLS and ALS supplies and can provide immediate emergency interventions.

*Montgomery County Hospital District prefers at minimum a one month notice in requests for services.

For questions or to check availability, please contact Ashton Herring