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Whether you’re planning to host an event at our facility or attending one of the many exciting happenings here, we’re here to help make your visit the best it can be. We cater to a diverse range of events, from rodeos and circuses to business meetings and banquets, making us one of the top event venues in Conroe, Texas. Below, you’ll find answers to common questions about booking our space and attending events. If you have additional inquiries, feel free to contact our friendly team for assistance.

Booking faqs

How do I inquire about booking an event at The Lone Star Convention & Expo Center?

You can inquire about reservations by filling out our booking inquiry form or by contacting our event booking team via phone or email. We’re here to assist you!

What types of events can I host at your facility?

Our facility is versatile and can host a wide range of events, including conferences, conventions, trade shows, weddings, parties, concerts, and more. Check out our planning resources and feel free to discuss your specific event needs with our team.

What is the booking process and how do I make a reservation?

The booking process typically involves submitting an inquiry, discussing your needs with our team, signing a contract, and making a deposit.

Can I schedule a tour of the facility before making a booking decision?

Absolutely! Contact our team to schedule a tour of our facility. It’s a great way to see our event spaces and discuss your requirements with our team in person.

Is there a minimum or maximum capacity for events?

Event capacities vary depending on the space and setup. Get more information about each facility on our Facilities Overview. Or, contact us! Our team can help you determine the best-suited space for your event size and type.

Are there any catering options available?

We have full-service in-house catering services through Spectrum Catering. 

What audiovisual and technical equipment is provided for events?

We provide a range of audiovisual and technical equipment. Details can vary by event space, so please inquire about specific equipment availability and any additional needs you may have.

Are there parking facilities available for event attendees?

Yes, we have ample parking facilities for event attendees.

What is the cancellation policy for bookings?

Our cancellation policy may vary depending on the event and the timing of the cancellation. Please refer to your booking contract or contact our team for specific details.

event faqs

How can I purchase tickets for events hosted at The Lone Star Convention & Expo Center?

Please check the event calendar for details regarding registration or to purchase tickets.

What are the upcoming events and entertainment options at the center?

You can find information about upcoming events and entertainment options by browsing our event calendar.

Is there a dress code for attending events?

Dress codes can vary by event. Generally, business casual attire is suitable for most events, but it’s a good idea to check the event details for any specific dress code requirements.

Are children and families welcome at all events, and do you offer family-friendly options?

We welcome families at many of our events, and we often offer family-friendly options. Event details will specify if an event is family-friendly.

Can I bring outside food or beverages to events?

Outside food and beverages are typically not allowed at our events. Food and drinks are usually available for purchase at the venue.

Is there a designated smoking area on the premises?

We have designated smoking areas to ensure the comfort and safety of all attendees. Please follow our smoking policies during events.

Are pets allowed at events?

With the exception of service animals, pets are generally not allowed at our events. Please check event-specific policies for any exceptions.

How early should I arrive for an event, and what is the seating policy?

It’s a good idea to arrive early to allow time for parking and security checks. Seating policies can vary by event, so please check event details for specific information.

Is there an ATM available on-site?

It depends on the event. Check the event details to see if ATMs are available.

Are there any accessibility accommodations for individuals with disabilities at events?

We provide accessibility accommodations to ensure all guests can enjoy our events. Please contact the event organizer in advance to arrange specific accommodations if needed.

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